Project Overview

Raunt is a personalized university preparation product in Turkey, which provides rich content, study plans and student-specific guidance service, from 9th grade to the end of 12th grade that improves the exam success during the university preparation process.

Raunt has a dynamical intelligence that recognizes each student, tracks what they learn, to what extend and at the same time maintains a calendar and course plan for schools. The Raunt intelligence follows and guides the user closely, tracks performance continuously and compensates for any missing competencies in a timely fashion with the Smart Recommendation System. These unparalleled functions, integrated digital and print material leads the students to their targets systematically.

Raunt is the most innovative and results oriented university preparation solution to date, and it provides functionalities not only for students but also for teachers, school leaders and parents.

My responsibilities

  • Driving design tasks by negotiating with stakeholders.
  • Eliciting requirements.
  • Preparing user flows, wireframes, high fidelity mockups for both web & mobile applications.
  • Providing design guidelines.


  • The product is started to be used by more than 15 school networks and reached almost 60.000 students in the first year after its release and get lots of positive feedback from users, families, and teachers.